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ARS Technical Sales Corp is a Manufacturer Representative
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DIAS Infrared Systems

DIAS Infrared GmbH is a leader in the field of infrared technology and specializes in the development, manufacture and support of industrial infrared systems.  DIAS offers a wide array of Uncooled fixed mount and portable infrared cameras and line scanners, all designed primarily for process monitoring.

Products include:
Thermal imaging cameras
Infrared line cameras
Infrared sensors
Blackbody calibration sources

Spectrum Instrumentation

                                                                                  Perfect fit - modular designed solutions
                                                                                                                  Spectrum is focused on high-speed A/D, D/A and Digital I/O cards in platforms including PCI Express, PXI-Express, and Gigabit Ethernet/LXI. Sampling rates range from 100 kS/s to 10 GS/s.  Fast amplifiers and high-quality converters facilitate the generation, acquisition and replay of high-frequency signals.  Substantial on-board memory allows for high-precision recording of high-speed signals with long duration.  Continuous data streaming over the bus with FIFO mode is also supported for long term data recording with streaming speed up to 12.8 GB/sAll Spectrum cards come with 5 Years Warranty!

Explore the Video Tutorials for tips operating the SBench6 software with Spectrum digitizers and AWG's.


Vision4ce provides Rugged Embedded PC systems with GPU-based real-time image processing, image capture and DVR solutions utilizing the latest image compression hardware.  

ABTech, Inc.

ABTech, Inc. designs and manufactures rotary and linear ultra-precision motion products for aircraft and aerospace; optical; semi-conductor; high-tech research, metrology and production applications.  Specialties include friction-free, low maintenance air bearings with sub-micron accuracy and extreme load and stiffness capabilities.